Tutu Puoane (RSA / BEL)

©Hugo Van Beveren

©Hugo Van Beveren

Tutu Puoane is one of the exciting voices on the European/South Africa jazz music scene today. Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1979, she studied at the Music College of the University of Cape Town (UCT) before moving to Europe in 2002. She spent a year and a half at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Netherlands) and eventually moved to Antwerp, Belgium in 2004.

While living in Europe, her career grew steadily and she released eight albums as a leader or featured soloist: ‘Song’ (2007), ‘Quiet Now’ (2010), ‘Mama Africa’ (2011 - coöperation with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra), ‘Breathe’ (2012), ‘Live At The Roma’ (2013 - coöperation with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic and Bert Joris), ‘iLanga’ (2014), ‘The Joni Mitchell Project Live’ (2017) and ‘We Have A Dream’ (2018 - coöperation with Brussels Jazz Orchestra). Both ‘Quiet Now’ and ‘Mama Africa’ were awarded a South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Jazz Album (in 2010 and 2011).

Puoane’s current band is a quartet and consist musicians from Belgium and The Netherlands. With this band, she
blends all the music that has influenced her into her own unique mix : soulful melodies, beautiful harmonies, lots of different grooves, exciting scatting... elements from African, European and American music traditions meet each other in the middle. One moment she uses her voice as an instrument, the next she sings an honest and heart-felt story. Her beautiful voice, intuitive ears, great sense of time and phrasing, combined with her natural charisma on stage, make every concert into a great experience.

Tutu Puoane makes you laugh, she makes you shed a tear, she makes you dance and sing along – she moves you in every way.

2019 will be the start of Breathe - a new project of the quartet.
Breathe and music are undeniable close to each other. Music and breathe save people. Music makes people breathe a little better during life’s experiences. Tutu Puoane Quartet’s Breathe will make you gasp by their intensity.

Tutu also performs in duo, quartet, with jazz orchestra and symphonic orchestra.


Available for touring in Summer 2020 and March 2021 in BENELUX & France

ADHD was the greatest discovery and artistic surprise of the Brussels Jazz Festival 2014
— Maarten van Rousselt – programmer Flagey & Brussels Jazz Festival, January 2014
A lazy, moody trip so captivating that gives you the feeling to lay naked in Blue Lagoon. Mindblowing!
— Danny Theuwis – 30CC Leuven (BEL), October 2015
ADHD’s jazz is hard to label – it is a mixture of melancholy, jazz rock and ambient that carries you in a delightful, inspired hypnotic trip. Highly recommended!
— Brendan Burny - programmer CultuurCentrum Mechelen (BEL) - October 2015
ADHD… an unusual line up of great musicians overwhelms with their mix of jazz, blues and rock. Their live performance is one long emotional trip with references to the past, present and future of what jazz was/is/can and hast to be.
— Laurent Pitsi - programmer CC Hasselt (BEL) - October 2015

All based in the greater Reykjavík area, ADHD is a four-piece band that consists of four old friends and colleagues. The four of them have been working together in various projects and bands for more than a decade (and even a little bit longer than that…). In 2008 it was decided that it would be a good idea to put together a band, which is ADHD, and play a few shows in Iceland.  The chemistry between the four players was immediate and the following year their debut album, self-titled adhd, won them stellar reviews, as well as “Jazz-album of the year” at the Icelandic Music Awards.

Now, three albums after that (adhd2, adhd3 and adhd4, which all got great reviews, nominations for the Nordic Music Prize, etc. ), and after extensive touring in Europe and Iceland, ADHD are finishing and releasing their 5th album in collaboration with Contemplate-music in Berlin, on the 31st of October. adhd5 was recorded in Sundlaugin Studios by Ívar Ragnarson. Ívar also mixed the record and it was mastered by mr. Haffi Tempó.

The record contains 8 songs that were written all over the place; a few were written in January this year when the band had a few days off on a European tour and got to spend those days close to Bad-Meinberg in Germany at a very good friends house. Others were written in the studio or at some home or…The songs are a very dynamic mixture of a lot of elements; melancholic at times, cheerful, soft, loud and everything in between.

ADHD performances an organic event and therefore the band decided to record this album live, to reflect the live performances.

ADHD are:
Óskar Guðjónsson: Saxophones
Ómar Guðjónsson: Guitars, Bass
Thomas Jonsson: Piano, Hammond, Synths, Bass etc.
Magnús Trygvason Eliassen: Drums, Percussion

The members of ADHD are very active in both the Icelandic music scene, as well as abroad.
Their collaborators include amiina, Jim Black, Wadada Leo Smith, Skúli Sverrison, Sören Dahl Jeppesen, Tómas R Einarsson, múm, Ragnar Kjartansson, Sin Fang, Samúel Jón Samúelsson and many many others.

Three of the four members have also released their own solo albums which received great reviews.


References BENELUX

  • 2015: Flagey - Brussels, 30CC - Leuven, KC Nona & CC Mechelen - Mechelen, CC Hasselt/Muziek-o-Droom

  • 2017: Tivoli-Vredenburg - Utrecht, De Doelen - Rotterdam, Flagey - Brussels, Muziekgebouw Enschede, CC De Spil - Roeselare

  • 2019: Lantaren-Venster - Rotterdam, Flagey - Brussels, KC Nona & CC Mechelen, Bimhuis - Amsterdam, Handelsbeurs - Gent

Spessi (from AdHd6). Recorded at Grindavik family session

Laura perrudin (FR)

Photo by Nicolas Joubard

Photo by Nicolas Joubard

Available for touring in BENELUX & Holland - in collaboration with Colore Production

Availability on request

Could we just say we LOVE the amazing Laura Perrudin and her superb album Impressions. Go listen!
Un projet très surprenant.
— France Bleu
It is stunning to listen to the thousand games of atightrope artist, her cheerful and spontaneous radicalism, definitely modern.
— Les Inrocks
She expresseds her whiole musical milieu with great dexterity (…) builds a unique world, all combined : Laura Perrudin suggests a though, a universe, a being.
— Le Monde
It’s rather as if Björk had chanced upon Herbie Hancock in a Dublin pub, before a John McLaughlin concert.

Distinguished as early as 2015 by Le Monde, the BBC, FiP Radio and Les Inrocks for her first album Impressions, Laura Perrudin is back with Poisons & Antidotes, to be released on September 22th 2017. Mastered by Valgeir Sigurðsson at Greenhouse Studio in Reykjavík (Björk, Feist, Camille, Damon Albarn...), this pop UFO flirting with electronica, neo-soul and experimental folk, relies on a unique instrument : an electric chromatic harp. Lending her voice to the sound experimentations she is so fond of, Laura creates a powerful personal universe that wonderfully materializes in her surprising live performances, where she gets to play around with the arsenal of a perfect geek (laptops, sound-effect pedals and multitrack loopers). 

Laura Perrudin's career has been both unusual and eclectic. Brought up on a diet of jazz from childhood, her classical music studies led on to both electronic and traditional music, via soul and hip-hop, through her encounters with innumerable musicians, in her native Brittany, but also in Paris and New York.

Her mission is to open up the possibilities of the harp to a richer harmonic language, and it was in 2008 that she finally found the key, when harp-maker Philippe Volant custom-built for her a chromatic pedal-less harp with a single row of strings. This innovative instrument has allowed her to give free rein to the sinuous harmonies of her unclassifiable compositions.

The last three years have been marked by important stage experiences and awards :

Talent Jazz Adami 2017, 2nd prize at the 'Montreux Jazz Voice Competition' 2014, prize for composition in the National Competition at 'La Défense Jazz Festival' 2013… She performed in places and festivals like Théâtre du Trianon (Paris), New Morning (Paris), Montreux Jazz festival, MaMA event (Paris), Paris Jazz fetsival, Jazz on Vienne, London Jazz festival, Enjoy jazz festival (Germany), Bratistlava Jazz days… but also in Ireland, Rio de Janeiro, Netherland, Ukrain, China and Taïwan.

Poisons & antidotes - Live by Laura Perrudin

Jacob karlzon (SE)

Jacob Karlzon

Jacob Karlzon

Times are changing, and inevitably so is music. However, musicians of a special kind are needed to stay in step – and in tune – with these changing times. One of these visionaries is the Swedish pianist Jacob Karlzon. 
On NOW, Jacob Karlzon tells a story. The pieces belong together like in a suite, and yet they are so different that each one also stands alone. In their contradictory entirety they can describe a complete day with all of its happy and frustrating moments, its light and shadow, its shifts between chaos and calm. In every song he finds a new way of fusing electronic elements like synthesizers and computers with the acoustic bedrock of his piano, accompanied by Dan Berglund (also known from Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Tonbruket) on the double bass, and long-time collaborator Robert Mehmet Ikiz on the drums. For the pianist there is nothing contradictory about taking a fish out of the river and then putting it in the freezer. He can enjoy a mountain stream by day and in the evening still go on Facebook. In his radical positivism he reveals himself to be a “virtual romantic”. “We live in high-tech times. I’m always thinking about the crossover points between technology and nature. We are and remain organic beings. Technology is part of our environment. How can we use it to save our planet? That’s exactly what I want to ask in my music. It’s always about combining both worlds.” 
The crossover points between analogue and digital moments stand out in Karlzon’s music as much as the hinges between pop and jazz and the seams between memory and visions of the future. Karlzon’s background is in jazz, but also grew up with hard rock and ’80s pop music. NOW is a completely new style of CD, because it does not just follow the conventional album concept, but deliberately plays tribute to the playlist experience. “I’ve never been interested in the jazz tradition as such,” explains Karlzon. “But what does still interest me about jazz is how it functions as a form of communication. You can express exactly the same thing one way on one day, and completely differently the next day. It will never be the same. But ultimately it always remains music.” 
Karlzon himself describes NOW as a melancholic dance album, although his melancholy is anything but backward-looking. Our world, he sums up succinctly, is changing. As an artist he has a choice to mourn the supposedly good old days or to find a way of positively dealing with the way things are permanently changing. “I have to accept things for the way they are, and many things are unfortunately not changing for the better. Personally I find it better to concentrate on the positive aspects of these changes. I don’t want to exclude anybody; I want to involve as many people as possible. My music isn’t complicated. I don’t want to aim our music at insiders who know everything about a particular genre. Instead I want to invite people from different generations and backgrounds to enjoy our music.” 
The formula that Jacob Karlzon could conform to in his music does not yet exist. Together with his producer Lars Nilsson he is entering unchartered waters. He sees his studio as a laboratory in which every imaginable influence from life and art flows together and triggers a reaction. “It’s more important to me that my music makes sense than that it obeys certain rules.” Jacob Karlzon is an artist with an unerring instinct for what is doable, and NOW is his musical credo.

Available in Summer and Fall 2020.

In collaboration with Qrious.

Tripod (BEL)


Tripod (©Marco Mertens)

Available from June 2016

Tripod‘s first project dives into the song repertoire of the Low Lands.
Tripod selected the most beautiful songs that gather Flanders and Holland: from Raymond to Ramses, from De Craene to De Groot. And less well-known pearls from a.o. Jules De Corte and Walter De Buck.
Tripod makes instrumental jewels of these songs with much attention for improvisation and unpredictable harmonization. This combined with a large instrumentation makes Songs of the Low Lands a winner project. And suprisingly recognizable.

Tripod is the new band of  Frank Vaganée (saxophones, flute), Hendrik Braeckman (guitar & gear) and Jos Machtel (valve trombone & double bass): three established personalities from the BENELUX jazz scene who knows each other from the Brussels Jazz Orchestra but also from various small bands. Tripod wants to lift chamber music jazz a level higher by using, amongst others, an extended instrumentation. Tripod chooses for popular melodies in a new harmonization: a familiar feeling but typical Tripod. These three gentlemen will guarantee you virtuosity, fine workmanship and originality.

Playlist: Twee Meisjes & Gelukkig Zijn (Raymond van het Groenewoud), Amsterdam (Kris De Bruyne), De Appels op de Tafelsprei (Toon Hermans), Margootje (Wim Sonneveld), Neerhof (Lieven Coppieters), Ik wil deze Nacht in de Straten verdwalen (Wannes Vandevelde), Ik zou wel eens willen weten (Jules De Corte), Meisjes van 13 (Paul Van Vliet) 


Frank Vaganée: saxophones, flute
Hendrik Braeckman: guitar & gear
Jos Machtel: valve trombone, double bass

References: C-Mine - Genk, Jazz au Fil de l'Eau - Luik, Jazz Zottegem, CC De Kruisboog - Tienen, CC De Leest - Izegem



Zefiro Torna & Frank Vaganée Trio (©Marco Mertens)

Available on request

6 april 1327.
In a small church nearby Avignon, a glimpse of a woman named Laura ignited a lingering passion in the renaissance poet and humanist Francesco Petrarca. His sparse rime or ‘scattered verses’ took the form of 366 sonnets that later would be called “Canzoniere”.
This songbook is full of platonic love declarations and cryptic references to his unattainable beauty. It almost reads as Petrarca’s own psychoanalytical notepad.

For centuries these sonnets have formed an inspiration for numerous poets. They were set to music by excellent composers such as da Bologna, de Rore, Lassus, Monteverdi, Liszt and Schönberg.

The historical music ensemble Zefiro Torna and Frank Vaganée Trio continue this tradition. They edit the music of before mentioned composers and write new ‘songs’ on Petrarca’s immortal verses.

Polypohnic tissues, obsessive rhythms, sounds chemistry, painful punches, wordless ‘scatting” and healing harmonies form the elements of a timeless tribute.


Frank Vaganée: alto & soprano saxophone, composition & arrangement
Jos Machtel: double bass
Lionel Beuvens: drums

Juliet Fraser: voice
Didier François: nyckelharpa
Jurgen De Bruyn: theorbe, lute, voice

Co-producers: City of Mechelen, CC Mechelen, Brossella Folk & Jazz